Wild sleepover

happy family of five in the blue tent camping

If it’s too late, but there are no places in the nearest campsites, there is another option for a “wild night”. You yourself are looking for a comfortable and safe place to spend the night. You can move off a busy highway and put up a tent somewhere in the field. You can sleep in a car at a gas station on a toll motorway, if there is parking. You see truckers parked for the night – you can safely join.

Rules for wild nights in different countries at the Vinsky Forum
The rules of such overnight stays in different countries may vary. For example, somewhere it’s forbidden to sleep in a car, somewhere to put up a tent in an open field. Check the rules in advance according to your route.

For example, in France, according to the official website of the French administration, wild camping is prohibited:

on highways and public roads;
on the territory of environmental protection facilities;
less than 500 m from historical monuments listed as protected;
in the territory of nature reserves;
on the seashore;
less than 200 m from sources of water supply (wells, fountains with drinking water).
The mayor’s office of each city can set its own rules: for example, ban wild nights over the entire public territory. And in order to put up a tent in private territory, you need to get the consent of the owner.

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