Where to cook

In almost every campsite, a restaurant or cafe is attached. This is an excellent reinsurance if you did not manage to buy food or cook food yourself.

Campers carry dishes, a cooler bag and a heating pad or electric stove for cooking. You can wash it all for free. If the camp has a full kitchen, then you will probably have to pay for it.

On the territory there are specially designated places for barbecue: do not make a fire, but kindle the coals on the grill. This can be done for free. A disposable barbecue is sold in the supermarket and costs less than 1 €. Camps are rarely seen where there are picnic tables or gazebos. Travelers carry folding chairs, tables and awnings made of tarpaulin to still preserve the spirit of “relaxation in the wild.”

Even if you hate sleeping in a tent and you need a hot shower at least once a day, this does not mean that camping is not for you. Any comfortable benefits for an additional fee, and unity with nature is not excluded.