Where to sleep at the campsite

Most campsites have rental tents, so it is not necessary to carry it with you. In addition, this is baggage for which you will have to pay the same money as for its rental. Before you book a place, check to see if there is a rental of everything you need in the campsite, so as not to sleep in the open.

But fear not, campsites in Europe offer a wide variety of accommodation. These can be small bungalows, capsules, yurts, tipis, tree houses, safari tents or gypsy cars. On the territory there are ready-made full-fledged houses or guesthouses where you can rent a room. Almost all campsites offer accommodation – from cute little houses in Bruges to dormitory-style bungalows in Amsterdam, “tent hostels” and stationary trailers in Venice, overnight in overgrown wine barrels in Melnik in the Czech Republic.

Tourists who travel by car rent a place for a car and often spend the night in it. It is still rare, but there are travelers who travel around Europe in motor homes.