How to get to the campsite

There are many campsites in Europe and they are not isolated from civilization. Finding a campsite is not a problem. There are several sites such as Booking, but dedicated to camping. One of the most popular selection and reservation services is Eurocampings.

You will not be stuck in the middle of “nothing.” Campsites are located within the city or within walking distance from it. Sometimes they can be found even in the center. Very often they are close to public transport so that you can easily get into the city. Americans who travel around Europe are surprised at this, because in their homeland without a car you will not get into such a camp.

Of course, it is most convenient to take a car and go away from megacities, or go around several countries with a tent in the trunk. Moreover, more often camping is associated with traveling by car. Therefore, for such a trip, you can rent it.

Be careful if you take a car in one country and return it to another, then the rental cost increases by almost 10 times. For example, if you take a car in Prague and pass it in 4 days in Ljubljana, then the minimum amount payable will be about 550 €. And if you take in Ljubljana and return there after 4 days – 55 €. Traveling in Europe is more profitable in your car, and you can organize a trip with tents to May in the territory of one country on a rented one.