How to choose camping equipment

It all depends on the format of your outings. We distinguish two basic approaches to the selection of camping equipment:
luxury camping;
compact camping.

Luxury Camping

Modern camping equipment allows you to achieve almost home comfort, which is important for those who prefer to camp for a long time and relax in nature with large companies. It can be fishing with friends or a family trip to the lake for the whole weekend. Most often in such cases they travel in a roomy car – a minivan, a sedan with a roof rack, a large jeep or crossover. Therefore, there are almost no serious restrictions on the quantity and volume of equipment.
What we can afford:
Living in a large tent or tent, inside of which you can stand upright. Often they are complemented by large vestibules, where you can arrange gatherings in case of bad weather.

It is comfortable to sleep on a cot or a high self-inflating rug in a wide duvet-blanket.

Take folding tables and chairs for feasts and gatherings. For the kitchen, you can take folding camping cabinets, tables, basins for washing dishes and more.

Use camping gas stoves instead of portable burners and cook familiar dishes outdoors. For electrified campsites, you can even bring compact induction hobs with you.

Carry a large supply of products in thermo containers with cold accumulators, car refrigerators and bulk thermoses.
For long-term “wild” parking you can take a couple of sanitary tents. One for the shower, the second for the toilet.

Take a large tent to organize a spacious dining and kitchen area, protected from the sun and rain.

Bring along a ton of everything for outdoor entertainment! Inflatable boat, badminton net, ball, bicycles, hammocks, SUP boards, fishing tackle and much more.

Compact camping

Here we sacrifice a little “home” comfort for the sake of getting a lighter, more compact and versatile outfit:

If you use the tent only for overnight stays, then a large built-in vestibule and a high “ceiling” are not needed. And to organize gatherings or a kitchen, a small tent is enough.

Sleep in a light cocoon sleeping bag on a regular tourist rug.

You can refuse comfortable, but bulky camping furniture. Or replace it with ultra-light and compact models like Helinox chairs or Walkstool chairs.

If you plan your diet correctly, add sublimates to it and not use perishable products, then you can refuse thermal containers and a refrigerator.

Cook not on tiles, but on a small tourist burner or on fire.


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