Electricity at the campsite

In campsites, you can stay in areas where electricity is not supplied. It’s a little cheaper and if you are traveling in a trailer, you don’t need a shower, a kitchen, or an outlet. Sometimes, you don’t even need a wifi. It may be necessary to recharge your mini-power station, but you can pay for it separately (2 € -4 €), and not overpay for the entire period of stay in the camp.

If you are staying in a territory with electricity, then all visible sockets are available to you and you can safely use them (1 € -2 € add to the price). Do not forget to take the adapter for European outlets, an extension cord and do not expect that the power will be at home – most often to campsites outlets with minimal power.

For those who stop in tents, we recommend taking lanterns and a large lamp on the trip. The campsite is illuminated, but after lights out (the same 22-23: 00), the light can be turned off.